2011 Bering Sea

Bathymetric mapping area of the Bering Sea.

Bathymetric mapping area of the Bering Sea. Click image for larger version or download a hi-res pdf. Credit: USGS

From August 8 to September 2, 2011, R/V Marcus G. Langseth will collect seismic data in the central Bering Sea Basin.  This mission follows a 2003 multibeam bathymetric mapping effort that covered the Beringian Margin and the north flank of Bowers Ridge.  The 2011 mission will focus on sediment thickness and other characteristics relevant to the sediment thickness formula for delineating ECS.  If conditions permit, conductivity, temperature, and depth data will be collected in one or two locations to explore the significance of seeping geofluids related to sediment evolution.  Chief scientists are Dr. Ginger Barth, USGS, and Dr. Warren Wood, Naval Research Laboratory.  Five protected-species observers will be onboard.